The impact of AI regulation on organizations: how can you prepare?

39 mins

In the past few months, many prominent figures have called for a pause on training Large Language Models, citing concerns for humanity. But, is it even possible to pause? And what about the upcoming regulations on AI? In this episode, Davio Larnout, CEO at Radix, and Tijl De Bie, Professor in AI, ML & Data Science at UGent, discuss compliance, the European AI Act, and fairness. Listen in to learn how organizations can prepare for AI regulation. 

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What should organizations do when it comes to AI regulation? Here are five recommendations: 

Stay Informed and Engage in Public Debate: Companies should stay informed about the rapid developments in AI and actively participate in public debates regarding AI regulations.

"I would like to see more debate on this actually, also publicly even on TV...everybody should think along." - Tijl De Bie

Be Conscious of Ethical Impact: Companies should be conscious of the ethical impact of AI applications and consider the ethical implications before deploying AI technologies.

"It's important that companies indeed try to reap the benefits of AI and not stay behind while always being conscious of the ethical impact of what they do." - Tijl De Bie

Compliance and Legal Considerations: Companies should work closely with compliance departments to ensure AI applications adhere to existing laws and regulations.

"They want to do something, but the compliance department is on their shoulder... like okay, we need to be careful, but also they want to proceed." - Davio Larnout

Evaluate Applications and Risks: Companies should critically evaluate the applications of AI and weigh the benefits against potential risks, especially in sensitive areas such as applications targeted at young people or in healthcare.

"I'm concerned by some applications, for example, these virtual AI friends that are also marketed to teenagers... we shouldn't let that happen without proper thought." - Tijl De Bie

Be Prepared for Uncertainty and Changes: The AI landscape is rapidly evolving, and companies should be prepared for uncertainties and be adaptable to changes in regulations and public opinion.

"It's going so fast that the law cannot catch up with this... there is no way you can make regulation for whatever is going to happen in five years time because nobody knows." - Tijl De Bie