Seizing opportunities in AI’s creative destruction era


In a few months, AI went from the hands of a select few to everyone. But how do you create business value from LLMs such as GPT-4? In this episode, Davio Larnout, CEO at Radix, and Stijn Christiaens, Chief Data Citizen at Collibra, discuss the creative destruction caused by ChatGPT and other LLMs. Listen in to learn what Davio and Stijn have learned from their experience working with AI.

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10 key takeaways for organisations:

  1. Data Democratization: Stijn Christiaens emphasizes the importance of data democratization, which is the process of making data accessible to non-technical users. He believes that this is a crucial step in enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions.
  2. Data Literacy: Both speakers agree on the importance of data literacy. They discuss how it's not just about having access to data, but also about understanding it and knowing how to use it effectively.
  3. Data Governance: Stijn Christiaens talks about the role of data governance in ensuring data quality and compliance. He highlights how Collibra's platform helps organizations manage their data assets effectively.
  4. Data as a Team Sport: The conversation highlights the idea that data is a team sport. It's not just the responsibility of data scientists or IT professionals, but everyone in the organization should be involved in data-related activities.
  5. The Role of AI in Data Management: Stijn Christiaens discusses the role of AI in data management. He explains how AI can help automate data processes, improve data quality, and provide insights that humans might miss.
  6. The Future of Data: The speakers discuss the future of data and how it will continue to evolve. They predict that data will become even more integral to business operations and decision-making in the future.
  7. Data Ethics: The conversation touches on the topic of data ethics. They discuss the importance of using data responsibly and ensuring privacy and security.
  8. The Importance of Data Culture: Stijn Christiaens emphasizes the importance of fostering a data culture within organizations. He believes that this is key to ensuring that data is used effectively and responsibly.
  9. The Role of Data in Digital Transformation: The speakers discuss how data plays a crucial role in digital transformation. They explain how data can help organizations understand their customers better, improve their products and services, and drive innovation.
  10. The Value of Data: Stijn Christiaens talks about the value of data and how it can be a strategic asset for organizations. He explains how data can provide insights that can lead to competitive advantage.