Cutting through the AI noise: it’s possible to dream again

58 mins

“It’s possible to dream again and make beautiful technology”. In this episode, Davio Larnout, CEO at Radix, has a candid conversation with Maarten Mortier, currently Head of AI & Innovation at Henchman AI and Tech Advisory Lead at Miles Ahead. With over 20 years of experience in tech, Maarten brings a wealth of insights into how AI has changed over the past few years and what he sees at companies he’s advising daily. Listen in to learn the latest on innovation and how to cut through the AI noise to make beautiful technology again. 

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Main takeaways:

Embrace Automation: Davio Larnout and Maarten Mortier emphasize the importance of automation in the coming years. Mortier states, "A lot of what we will see is about automating things. A significant part of the future of AI will be about automation."

Stay Nimble and Informed: Both speakers highlight the need for agility and staying informed. Mortier suggests, "Both large corporations and smaller scale-ups need to be nimble and informed to react quickly to changes."

Consider the Socioeconomic Impact: The speakers discuss the potential socioeconomic repercussions of automation. Mortier notes, "The socioeconomic repercussions are ambiguous. We often talk about job replacement, but we should also consider potential improvements in work-life balance."

Prepare for a Data-Driven Future: The speakers highlight the importance of data in the development of AI. Mortier warns, "We are currently in a phase where we need data to develop models. AI is advancing so quickly that it risks depleting its own resources."

Consider the Ethical Implications: The speakers discuss the potential for AI to be viewed in a religious or philosophical light, as well as the potential for AI to impact empathy and interpersonal relationships. Mortier suggests, "I believe there will be a religious aspect to how people perceive technology. People may start viewing AI as a pure form of opinion, unencumbered by human emotions and the temporality of life."

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