AI in Healthcare and Education - A Journey with Loubna Bouarfa

59 mins

In this episode of Future Forward, Davio Larnout, CEO at Radix, engages in an insightful conversation with Loubna Bouarfa, AI thought leader and Chairwoman of the AI Innovation Board at Envision Pharma Group, and Founder of They delve into Loubna's journey from founding to its acquisition, exploring the transformative role of AI in critical sectors like healthcare and education.

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Main takeaways:

1. The Evolution of AI in Healthcare:

Loubna highlighted the significant strides AI has made in healthcare since 2015. She discussed how AI is being used to predict patient responses to drugs, determine fair pricing, and identify the most suitable healthcare professionals for specific treatments. This evolution marks a shift from AI as a technical fascination to a practical tool in life sciences.

2. AI's Role in Personalized Medicine:

The conversation touched upon the use of AI in creating more personalized medicine approaches. Loubna explained how AI helps speed up the process of moving drugs from the lab to the patient, emphasizing the technology's role in identifying patient populations that would respond best to specific treatments.

3. Ethical Considerations and Human Adoption of AI:

Loubna stressed the importance of addressing ethical concerns and human adoption challenges in AI. She shared insights from her experience as part of the EU's high-level expert group on AI, discussing the need for ethical guidelines and policies to govern AI's application, especially in sensitive sectors like healthcare.

4. Sandboxing AI for Safe Implementation:

A significant part of the discussion was dedicated to the concept of 'sandboxing' AI in critical domains. Loubna advocated for a controlled, trial-like environment for AI systems, similar to clinical trials in medicine, to ensure safety and efficacy before full-scale implementation, especially in areas where accuracy is crucial.

5. AI's Potential in Revolutionizing Education:

The podcast also explored AI's potential impact on education. Loubna described how AI could support individualized learning and address the diverse needs of students. She proposed sandbox environments for AI systems in schools to predict and tailor the best curriculum for each child, emphasizing the high opportunity for AI to transform educational methodologies.